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Located on Dihua Street,

 the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival is the oldest one in Taiwan since its establishment in 1996. In recent years, due to the impact of COVID-19, people would not be able to meet and gather with all friends and families in the holiday season. Now that the pandemic has eased, are we able to enjoy the Chinese New Year holidays? We can now gather with friends and families, get rid of the old to make way for the new, and visit others to celebrate the coming of a new year. We can also celebrate New Year in the most meaningful way. We wish everyone can achieve new goals and have a better self.

Rituals of Reunion Dinners
on Chinese New Year

Traditionally, during “New Year’s Reunion Dinner,” a fire burner is placed under the table with coins around to symbolize that fortune will come when family members gather. New Year’s Reunion is the most important occasion; fresh and tasty food ingredients are selected and used for the reunion to let everyone feel the warmth of being together

  • Representative shopping district: Dihua St. Shopping District, Rongbin Market

  • Features: Chinese herb medicine, dry goods, and fishery products

Out with the Old, In with the New
on Chinese New Year

The period from 23rd to 30th of December on the Chinese Lunar Calendar is referred to as “Spring Cleaning Period” that symbolizes cleaning for the coming of the new year. Families clean all “bad luck” and “whammy” out and buy new stuff for themselves and other family members for the coming year.

  • Representative Shopping District: Taipei Station Wholesale Market District, Huaying Pedestrian Zone Taipei Main Station Shopping District, Taipei City Mall

  • Features: Home decoration items, clothing, 3C products and games

Head Out and Try Amazing Eats
During Chinese New Year

On January 1 on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, people will go out to “Give New Year Greetings” that contain homophonic pun of “surplus” in Taiwanese for wishing good prosperity in the coming year. When giving New Year’s Greetings, friends meet and dine together at every joyful moment in the new year!

  • Representative shopping district: Bangka Night Market, Ningxia Night Market

  •  Features: Local delicacies and gourmet snack foods

Fortune Rabbits

Lucky year of the Rabbit is coming!
Find the super cute Fortune Rabbit at the seven major Chinese New Year markets.

Between January 6, 2023 (Friday) and January 20, 2023 (Friday), when you take a photo with the Cute Rabbit IP and upload it with a comment of “#2023 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival” to the designated post on the "Taipei City Office of Commerce,@tcooc"  fan page, you will have the chance to win an iPhone 14 and featured gifts of the Chinese New Year markets!

Fortune Money

Lucky Rabbit for You

The design of this year’s Fortune Money of the year of the Rabbit incorporates a creative scratch-off lottery ticket. You can write down your greeting messages to someone that means very much to you. Wish you good luck in the Year of the Rabbit!

Giving New Year’s Greetings
at the Chinese New Year’s Markets

Mayor of Taipei City will give away red envelopes of Fortune Money for your lucky new year! Come to these markets at the designated time for the chance to get limited fortune money.  

★ 2023/1/7 (Sat.) 16:30-18:30:

Taipei Station Wholesale Market District, Huayin Street Taipei Main Station Shopping District, Taipei City Mall

★ 2023/1/10 (Tue.) 17:00-18:30 :

Dihua St. Shopping District

★ 2023/1/17 (Tue.) 11:00-12:00:

Rongbin Market

★ 2023/1/18 (Wed.) 18:30-20:30:

Ningxia Night Market

★ 2023/1/20 (Fri.) 17:30-19:00:

Bangka Night Market


Notice:The exact send time will be adjusted according to actual circumstances

Lucky Red Envelope Wall at Yongle Square

In the lucky Year of Rabbit, the red envelope brings more luck to you. Take your photo with the Red Envelope Wall, Cute Fortune Rabbit, or the Fortune Lantern Area of the Year of the Rabbit and upload it to your social media platform to win limited red envelopes of fortune money, New Year’s giftsets prepared by shops on Dihua Street and Shopee coupons!

Event time: 13:00-14:00, 15:00-16:00,17:00-18:00 and 19:00-20:00 daily from 2023/01/06 ~ 1/20.

Event venue: Yongle Square, Dihua St.

Post Interaction on the Fan page of
Taipei City Office of Commerce

Participate in the designated event on”Taipei City Office of Commerce,@tcooc" fan page to win limited red envelopes of fortune money. Don’t miss the limited chances to win!



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The Alert System of Crowds in Taipei

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